The Sounds of India

Listen to Avigail Gilad’s podcast reflection of our trip. Advertisements

Mumbai’s Jewish community

It has been two weeks since we have been back from Mumbai, and now that exams are over it is a good time to reflect on our time in India. In my opinion,… Continue reading

Final moments in India

“You light up when you enter a synagogue” Staffing this trip has made me reflect on what I personally want out of travel experiences—to be reenergized to give back as much and as… Continue reading


The days here stick to my hands like the dust I do not wash off until we leave Kalwa each afternoon, hide in the black soot in my ears and nose, well low… Continue reading

The Calm before the Storm?

This past weekend was memorable to say the least. We spent our Friday on Elephanta Island, an island named by the Portuguese around the 16th century because of the Elephants they found on… Continue reading


This trip has been a series of moving pieces with the people, the Indians, the citizens of Mumbai, somehow sadly blending into the background. The language barrier has defeated me. We weave our… Continue reading

Kalva: A Work in Progress

“If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” – Lilla… Continue reading


Gabriel Project Mumbai ♤ Shravan Health Center ♤ Women’s Kitchen ♤ Sundra Soap Project ♤ Reap Education

Walking on Eggshells

Today seems like a blurry of sound, smell and sight. From morning till evening it seems like a week had passed; our day full of unexplained sensations, a jumble of thoughts and a… Continue reading

Indian Youth

The day begins, and the air is again filled with a pungent mixture of incense and sewage; roughly a 90-10 breakdown. There are 23 ppm of carbon-monoxide in the air, not palpably less… Continue reading